2013 Photo Contest

London Power and Sail Squadrons 2013 Photo Contest

Why I Love Boating

Why I love boating through the eye of a camera.  Each snapshot captures a moment, a memory that stays forever in our minds.  The photo lets us share it with everyone who enjoys the feel of the wind, the splash of the water and the freedom as you sail, or power along.  You are transported back to that spectacular sunset you couldn’t describe; when your docking was perfectly executed or those days when you longed to be out on the water again.  Whether it is a action, funny or poignant moment it this there for all to enjoy.

Here are the Contest winners:

Winning Early Bird Prize – Andrew Service
Winning 1st Prize – Glenn McCann
Winning 2nd Prize – Wes Wilcox
Winning 3rd Prize – Wes Wilcox

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